Cannabis News: Companies, Products, and Services

Whether it’s medicinal or recreational, cannabis isn’t consumed as raw plant material. Because it needs heat to become a psychoactive substance, there are a handful of basic methods for inhaling or ingesting marijuana (joints, bowls, bongs/water pipes, vaporizers, hash oil, tinctures, and edibles). This has given rise to products, services, and technologies that improves the consumption of cannabis for people.


Cute, compact, combination bong vapes are not something that was commercially available even just a few years ago. Yet, not every product worth mentioning is some huge technological advancement. Personalized rolling papers can be a neat little novelty that enhances the classic joint experience. Delivery services and other consumer programs can help improve access and outcomes for the general public as well as targeted populations. Check out the latest news and press releases for cannabis-related products and services:


  • It’s not just the private sector that’s looking to create a better system for cannabis distribution, consumption and services. Maine may start permitting people to buy marijuana online and/or in drive-thrus.


  • Wish you could get your pot delivered to your front door? That level of service has been available in New York City and other locales for years, first illegally and then legally. More recently, dispensaries in Massachusetts have started offering home delivery as part of their medical marijuana services.


  • People who love the smoker’s high may still want to consume their marijuana in the healthiest way possible. One of the simple ways to make smoking a little healthier is to avoid lighters and the butane that comes with them. A popular alternative is hemp wick, but there are other alternatives to lighters out there as well.


  • Speaking of a healthy smoker’s high, that’s been the goal of marijuana device manufacturers for years. Dabbing is popular as a potent but mild-tasting consumption method. The problem is the benzene that’s created by heating marijuana to a temperature beyond 365 degrees. Mind this temperature, too, when super-heating your vaporizer to create a thicker smoke.


  • In some ways, marijuana mimics the pros and cons of other medicinal aids. One great example of this is the use of medical marijuana as a sleep aid. As with many things involving cannabis, the effects can be very different from one individual to another, but as a general rule, cannabis tends to help people sleep in the short-term, but tolerance and withdrawal get worse over time and can lead to additional sleep disturbances with chronic use.


  • In Canada, Hydropothecary now has Kosher certification for its processed medical marijuana. The cannabis plant itself is kosher, so if you’re smoking the plant or preparing it yourself, you should be fine. But if you prefer edibles or other processed cannabis products, you can get the extra peace of mind that comes with the kosher certification process.